himalayan pink salt

Drink this before your morning coffee and increase your energy levels instantly

Every morning I have a routine. Before I turn on the coffee machine. Before I do a short yoga flow, some push-ups, and a couple squats, I walk over to the cabinet, reach for my Himalayan sea salt grinder, and crack off a few turns into my glass. Walk over to the fridge, fill up the glass with water, stir, then shoot it down the hatch.

This simple, little, 30-second morning hydration strategy has been my magic little ticket to more energy throughout my morning. The body gets dehydrated throughout the night, and it’s very undervalued how a few ounces of Sole water (pronounced so-lay) can turn your brain and body on just as good, if not better than that first cup of coffee.

My recipe is simple:

himalayan pink salt.JPG

1. I use about a ¼ teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt

2. Add it to a glass and top off with 1-2 oz of warm or hot water.

3. Swirl it around until the salt has dissolved, then top it off that glass with some cold water(I pour 12 oz.)

Here’s why you need to try it:

  • It contains around 84 minerals and trace elements

  • It has an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect

  • It will help balance your body’s pH

  • It’s high magnesium content aids in better sleep

  • You’ll feel more energy in the morning from a positive electrolyte balance

Give this a shot for a full week and let me know how much more energy you’re feeling throughout the morning!