3 Reasons That Clients Stop Training With You

In Jay Abraham’s book, Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got, this master marketer discusses 3 reasons why clients stop buying from you.

Reason #1 - Out of sight, out of mind

Some people just stop working with you and simply forget about it. It’s almost too simple to think about, but it’s true. Think about something you used to buy at the grocery store. You’re out shopping one day, and all of a sudden that item is no longer in stock. So you convince yourself you’re fine without it for now and over time you end of forgetting about it. 

But then down the road, you see that product back on the shelf and remember how much you liked it when you were buying it all the time. Your lost clients likely feel the same way if they left you and just got distracted or simply forgot about your training services over time. Number one, don’t be a commodity to your clients so this doesn’t happen in the first place. if you find yourself in a situation where a former client forgot about you, you must engage that client again and remind them what they’ve been missing out on. Most likely you’re a better coach and trainer if you’ve been working on your education and you’ll have even more to offer them this time around anyway. Use that as leverage in the conversation with them.

Reason #2 - They become dissatisfied

As Jay says, this rarely happens because you did something intentional to offend or dissatisfy your client. The reality is that clients will become dissatisfied if you aren’t on your P's and Q’s. I’ve written about this in my article “5 Things I Would Do Over If I Was a 26-Year-Old Trainer Again” which you should read HERE.

An important point in keeping your client satisfied and training long term is to make sure you’re not a commodity and your service is unique to them. Every client is not the same so you cannot treat them all the same. Have a general framework of how you operate your business, but make sure you provide a different experience for each client that is tailored to their expectations. It would be nice if everyone was grateful for your services, but the reality is that they all sign up with expectations of how they want their training experience to go. Ask lots of questions and find out what they are expecting, deliver on your promise, and you’ll keep your clients training for a very long time.

Reason #3 - You client’s situation has changed and they can no longer benefit the same from your training

You’re probably asking yourself, how could my client’s no longer benefit from training with me? Let me give you a personal example. When I take on a new client, they have a goal they want to accomplish. But I have my own goal which I’m very transparent with them about. I want to help them build fitness independence and not have to rely on my coaching forever. Empowering your client’s with those types of skills is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.

Now let’s say you graduate a client to the point where they can now create their own program and they’re plenty motivated to show up and put in the work without you having to watch them every second. You now have two opportunities. You made them so self-sufficient that they are inclined to send you referrals, and number two, you get the opportunity to train another person and further expand your skill set by gaining more experience with a new set of client challenges. If you’re a growth-minded coach, this should be a home run for you.

Even if your clients stop training with you, there are multiple opportunities to either reengage them in training once again, replace them with a referral, or at the very least get a lesson on how to improve your offering and keep your clients’ long term or graduate them to referring you more people just like them. Good luck and him me up on social media to chat about it! @coachmikeurso.