How to create the best possible experience for a new client. You need a new client on-boarding system in your business.

When someone signs up and becomes a client, it’s critical that you have a consistent process in place. Why?

  • It makes for more efficient use of your time.

  • It allows for a consistent experience, client to client.

  • You can follow a simple step by step process and take the guesswork out of how your new client will receive the most possible value in becoming a highly benefited client of yours.

  • You will better manage your new client’s expectations which in turn lowers any anxiety they have about getting started on a new workout program.

  • You can on-board more clients at a faster rate because you’ve streamlined integrating them into your training system.

  • Instantly boost your retention rates.

  • Most importantly, it leaves time to develop a strong relationship with your new client which is the foundation why they will stick with you long-term.

Each system of a business needs a strategy and tactics to take action on it. Let me take you through a few of the steps you need to follow to create this system and strategy within your fitness business.

You need a strategy

You need a strategy

How to Begin Creating Your Onboarding Strategy

Create a word document and write out your step by step process from when a client signs up with you until they get through their first month of training with you. You want it to read exactly how the new client will experience working with you through their eyes.

Here’s mine so you can get an idea. Feel free to use this and make it your own depending on your unique strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Create a new client account your programming software (I use TrueCoach and highly recommend them for organizing your programs and client data. Check out TrueCoach here. Full disclosure: I earn $50 credit if you sign up through this link. If you do, I’ll return the favor by setting up a complimentary business consultation and help you get everything set up with your software or help you develop your unique onboarding strategy!) Then you want to add all necessary files, including assessments, forms, etc to your programming software system.

  2. Send them a link to download the iPhone app where they will receive their workouts.

  3. Clarify their training schedule and confirm all training dates and times for the next month as well as any trips or vacations they’ll be taking to assure continuity and consistency in their training program.

  4. Solidify with them how often they need your support and accountability when they aren’t with you. This includes emails, text messages, and any other communication they feel they’ll need to launch into a new program successfully (providing an expectation of this from the beginning establishes your value in meeting their individual needs for support.)

  5. Share with them any resources they may need to have throughout your training process. This includes relative articles, instructional videos, nutrition guides, or links to exercise equipment you’d like them to purchase for home use.

  6. If you have a client Facebook support group for clients, send them an invitation to join.

  7. This is the time to deploy your Formal Referral System to assure a valuable referral from them once you deliver their results. Check out my article here on how to put an extremely effective,easy two-step process into place.

That’s it. You can add or subtract items from this list to make it your own, depending on what that client should be experiencing in the first couple days to the first month they come aboard with you.

You can see, that by implementing a great New Client Onboarding system and strategy into your business that you can create a repeatable, structured way of bringing new clients into your programs and assuring that they send you their friends and family members because you’re going to do more for them then anyone else has.

If you’d like more help on implementing your own personalized strategy send me an email at or a DM on Instagram at @fitcoachconsultant and let’s create a system that works for your unique business model.