Personal Trainers: What do you know about your competitors?


This is an important question. It’s important because so many trainers who are running a business (and let me say that “running a business” is whether you work for a gym and have your own book of clients or run your own independent business or gym) don’t ask critical questions to their clients and client prospects that could be informing them about where their services stand in the industry’s food chain.

You need to scout out competitors and figure out what they provide in comparison to you. Otherwise, how do you modify your offering to set apart from others?

How do you do this? It’s actually simple. Ask your current clients what they are looking for. A simple question like, “What do you expect out of your training experience?” or “How would you like to be coached?”, or even “What has prevented you from working with a trainer in the past?”

They may answer the latter question reasoning cost, and you need to know it’s likely not involved with the cost at all, but perceived value. They just haven’t seen enough value in what services were offered to them before. Nothing has convinced them to give money for the potential benefit. It’s your job to separate yourself by explaining to them the massive outweighing of benefit to cost ratio. For example, does your training program not only allow them to lose the weight they want but improve their mental energy and allow for better business decisions that can make them more money for their family? Show them some benefit that’s connected to an intrinsic need they have and your stock will go up massively.

If you’re not asking your current clients about their previous experiences or expectations of services, you’re missing a huge chunk of how to improve your services and stay ahead of your competition.