3 Ways For A Fitness Pro To Network And Make Better Connections

  1. If you’re a brand new trainer or coach: If you’re a new trainer, when you introduce yourself to a new member at the gym, observe and watch which other members they know and connect with. Then try and approach the people they know and use the other person as a mutual bridge to their network. When a member likes you and realizes you know other people they know, you become more familiar and part of a larger network. This is without a doubt the easiest way I found to network as an introvert trying to build connections. At this stage, your resources are little to none so building connections and getting access should be a priority.

  2. If you’ve been a trainer for a little while: Be a connector for others. If you’re talking to someone, ask them what they’ve been working on and the challenges they’re facing. It’s usually an indication of a need they have. If you can connect them to a resource or a person that helps them either save time or money, your stock with that person will increase. You will grow your own network by focusing on helping them grow theirs. At this stage, you have more resources and connections, but they’re still limited.

  3. If you’ve been in the game for a long time: Join a meetup group or mastermind. Without a doubt, one of the best things I’ve done for growth is surrounding myself with other people struggling with (and hopefully achieving) the same things as me. There’s a greater sense of connection and there’s also the ability to leverage their combined networks to solve your own problems. But my advice is clarifying your personal business challenges and put all your effort into helping those in your group solve theirs. You’ll undoubtedly get far more in return by focusing on helping others get what they want. At this stage, you should have more to offer anyway.